Changing the placement of pages in a pdf file can sometimes be a problem. In reality, such actions require specific software. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how you can change the pages of a pdf file with free software. 


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Twitter is the second most used social network. Twitter is used by many stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Gusttavo Lima, Monique Evans, Luan Santana, Beyonce, Ivete Sangalo, among others, with a particular format in which messages can not have more than 140 characters.



Facebook is the most used social network on the planet, created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. This network allows you to follow the activity of all your friends and family. Through a mural you can share photos, videos and links.





Gmail is the most sophisticated, user-friendly and secure webmail system. This system is in constant development and at no cost to the user.



The greatest danger of exposing our passwords occurs when we access through networks / public computers. There are users who use Internet cafés to run applications that intersect each of your communications.


We are permanently online, either with traditional computers or mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets already have large capacities that allow us to carry all our data in them. We have our contacts, photos, email and calendar. The loss in the event of theft is huge, as not referring to the fact that our data will be in uncertain hands.

"Blackphone" is a mobile phone with “Android” operating system

Data protection transitioned from a mere concern for a matter of priority with regard to our security.

The basis for the success of a commercial team is organization.

When the sales process is not well structured, the team will be, most likely, a boat adrift.

Computer loses network after restarting. Problems caused by false positive

The importance to the funnel model to optimize sales teams. 

The sales funnel is a graphical model that displays the conversion process of contacts into sales or leads.

Kodi is a media center system previously used exclusively on Xbox

Today, because it is mainly installed on other platforms, it was renamed to kodi. The latest stable version, for now, keeps the name XBMC Gotham.