How to increase sales with sales processes

Wednesday, 29 October 2014
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The basis for the success of a commercial team is organization.

When the sales process is not well structured, the team will be, most likely, a boat adrift.

The sales process helps us finding weaknesses and strengths. If you wondered about how many contacts you need to do to close a sale, know that you are on track.


This sales process is not mandatory. Each company will have its procedures related to business and operational requirements of their products / services.


Let's look at the stages of a process that adapts to most businesses:


This is the first phase of the sales process. It is very important to get an updated list of contacts properly filtered and entities with healthy financial situation.


The Lead is a converted contact. That is, it is designated as a lead, a contact who expressed interest.


With getting leads, opportunities are generated. At this stage, you identify the customer’s needs. The aim is to serve the client with the products / services that are most appropriate and make the conversion to sale. A well-founded qualification is a good basis for budgeting.


At this stage, a proposal is drafted and sent to the customer, because their needs were located and identified as a business opportunity.


We enter the final threshold of the conversion to sale, when a client initiates a response to the proposal. At this point, the business is won or lost.



We are in the capital phase, one that translates into revenue.

Individuals and entities, at all times, have empty holes they intend to fill. From an effective sales method, any commercial team capable can identify these needs and remedy them with your products / services. There is always someone interested in buying and someone interested in selling. Selling is knowing how to connect these two points.




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