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Friday, 17 January 2014
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We are permanently online, either with traditional computers or mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets already have large capacities that allow us to carry all our data in them. We have our contacts, photos, email and calendar. The loss in the event of theft is huge, as not referring to the fact that our data will be in uncertain hands.

Google provides a free service, which allows you to locate your phone via a map, put it to play and erase all data remotely. To have access to this service you need to install a Google account on your android phone.


1 - Accessing the device settings

In the upper right field click on the image of your profile, also known as Avatar. Then click on "Account" in the table opened.





2 - Menu account settings

In the top menu you should press "Data Tools". Then press "View account data" located in front of "Control Panel", which is within the framework "Data Tools".




3 - Control Panel

Now you have the page that lists all of your mobile devices. Press the "Manage Devices".



 4 - Device Manager

The manager page can select the device you want to read. Then you will have access to 3 buttons that allow you to put it to ring, lock with password and delete all the data it contains. You can also, on the map to the right, check the last recorded location.




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