How to protect a Gmail account

Saturday, 16 January 2016
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The greatest danger of exposing our passwords occurs when we access through networks / public computers. There are users who use Internet cafés to run applications that intersect each of your communications.


With Gmail, you can enable secure communication so that encrypts communications can enable a second level of security. The Gmail 2nd verification / authentication provides access to your email, even if they know your password, only if they have access to your phone. After entering the password, you must enter an additional code that is sent to you, free of charge, to your phone.


 1 - Accessing Settings


In the upper right field click on the image of your profile, also known as Avatar. Then click on "Account" in the table opened.



 2 - Account Settings Menu


In the top menu you should press "Security". Then click "Settings", located in front of "2-Step Verification" which is within the framework "Password".



3 - Phone configuration for verification

Now you must enter the phone number that will be associated with your email account. You can choose whether you want the code to be sent to you by SMS or call (Voice). Then click "Send code." You will receive a code on your phone, to ensure that the functionality to aggregate to this phone number.

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4 - Remember computer

If you use a personal computer, so you do not have to enter the code every time you access your email, you can store the code for a longer period, when selecting seen in "Trust this computer" before clicking "Next.



5 -Completion of the activation process

To complete the process press the "Confirm" button.


6 - Painel de configuração da autenticação a 2 passos 

On this feature panel you can check the service status, change the verification method, remove access to "registered computers" and create keywords for specific applications (Outlook, for example).



7 - Setting passwords for specific applications

After pressing "specific passwords application" in your configuration panel, click the "Manage specific passwords" button. Then you will access the page where you should put the name of the application that is designed to the password and click "Generate password".

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