How to create a Facebook account

Wednesday, 15 January 2014
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Facebook is the most used social network on the planet, created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. This network allows you to follow the activity of all your friends and family. Through a mural you can share photos, videos and links.

The Facebook phenomenon has expanded in recent years to the business market. Today, companies are fighting for a positioning in this social network, proving the relevance of being close to consumers.


1 - Registration page

To start registration go to Fill in the data and click on Register!



2 - Search for your friends

In this second step you will find a way to find your friends. Whether through your Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook account. You can always skip this step and look for your friends later.




3 - About you

This is the best time to provide data about yourself. This information will allow your former colleagues to find you easily. Then click Save. Alternatively, you can click Ignore to skip ahead.





4 - Profile picture

To upload a photo to your profile, the one that everyone will find when they search for you, just click on "Upload a photo" and press the Save button. Like the previous steps, you can press Ignore to skip this step.




5 - Profile entry

You can now view your profile. However, you still need to verify the account.




6 - Verification Email

So that you can use all the features of your account, Facebook forces you to prove that you are a person. To do this, an email is sent to your account. When you receive the email, simply click on the "Confirm your account" button.





7 - Account activated


Congratulations! Your account must be fully functional



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