When designing a space to welcome your company's employees, you should assume that good conditions are just a starting point for the work ahead. We live in an era in which greater productivity and creativity are sought. It must, therefore, be unquestionable to bet deeply on the creation of a modern workspace.


The first concern should be to bet on a space that receives natural light. Not only for sustainability reasons but for the fact that employees are more stimulated, especially if the office has a wide and unobstructed view. Natural lighting will ensure more energy in space.


Air should also be a priority. The spaces must be properly ventilated and equipped with systems capable of uniformizing the temperature throughout the building. Well-being is a priority, all employees should be comfortable.


Each employee must have their workspace, which they should manage as they wish, as long as they respect the internal rules of the company. The area available to the employee must be large and provide all the equipment they need.


The different divisions must be properly marked. On the first day of work, the employee should not have difficulty adapting, especially concerning performing essential tasks. The availability of water, coffee, and other food products must be strategically positioned and available to all employees.


Spaces must be properly cleaned, organized and in good condition. Consumable stocks, on the other hand, have to be properly controlled so that there is no risk of missing any essential product.


The company must have a high concern for space. The best conditions must be guaranteed. Companies that focus on themselves assume a prominent character in the market, as well as the recognition by their employees.


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Francisco Cardoso is ZALOX's CEO. With several decades of experience in business management, digital projects and teams, this blog gathers the know-how acquired, helping managers to overcome current challenges.