Seminar at Porto Business School | Photo by Blake Burkhar

After being present as a speaker at the "Management Control and Creativity" Seminar at Porto Business School last year, I was present again yesterday at the invitation of the institution at the "Management Control in Non-Profit Institutions"  Seminar.


In the first session of a cycle of seminars on Management Control, organized in the scope of the Post-Graduation in Management Control and Performance Evaluation, were presented ideas of management control by non-profit organizations. Speakers Patrícia Gomes, Vice-President and Professor at the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave and André Campante, Coordinator of the Office of Studies, Planning and Management Control of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto, presented models that registered the same concerns, which concerns the restrictions imposed by constant budget cuts.


In the continuity of the work, there was an extremely interesting debate about the difficulties that non-profit institutions are experiencing, the importance of pro bono elements in relation to professionals and an approach to Associations that do not depend on state support.


The moderator, João Oliveira, coordinator of the postgraduation seminars in Management Control and Performance Evaluation and moderator of this debate, launched the challenge of trying to validate the possibility of creating synergies between Non-Profit Institutions and external companies. Based on this challenge, I presented my point of view, where I argued that the budget cut is a factor inhibiting creativity in Management Control. If there is no dependency of first necessity, the Public Institutions can hardly support projects of external entities. I also left the suggestion of creating a common platform that will allow the sharing of resources between institutions, an effective optimization that will boost the weight of fixed costs in the annual budget.


The "Management Control in Non-Profit Institutions" Seminar was the first of a series of seminars on Management Control, organized in the scope of the Post-Graduation in Management Control and Performance Evaluation. The Post-Graduation is directed toward professionals of financial and management control area in organizations of different size and characteristics.



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