A company's location is a very important factor concerning employee satisfaction, especially because this factor can make a major contribution to the promotion of productivity and creativity.


Parking spaces should be taken into consideration. If there is no parking in the company building, it is ideal for employees to have access to free parking nearby. Another point to consider is the company proximity to public transportation. Public transport (train and metro stations, bus stops, among others) should be nearby.


The surroundings are equally important, especially proximity to green spaces and public parks. On the other hand, it is important to have services nearby so that employees can deal with personal matters during their rest periods, either at a bank or at a post office. Still within the scope of third party services, employees always appreciate that there is a varied offer of restaurants. Companies should always encourage employees to enjoy free time outside the company.


You should also value health. For this reason, make sure that the company is located close to gyms and outdoor spaces.

Medical units are also important to have around if immediate support or consultation is needed.


Given that the company is created for all employees, location will have great relevance to the relationship with the company. Equally crucial is the creation of communication dynamics between employees, something that will enhance the engagement with the company's culture and, consequently, greater commitment and teamwork.


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